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Sean W. Leonard,
President and CEO, Sean has been involved with Hydronic Agencies Ltd. since 1993. After completing his Commerce degree at the University of Alberta in 1993 he partnered with his father, John, in growing the family business and, through his leadership and vision, we continue to grow our business each year. Sean’s knowledge, skills and dedication to service are responsible for the success of Hydronic Agencies Ltd. and we look forward to him spearheading our success in the years to come.

John M. Leonard,
Founder of Hydronic Agencies Ltd, John’s influence is still strongly felt. John was well known for his dedication to hard work within the hydronic heating industry for over 60 years! Starting as a plumbing contractor, he was selected to represent Allied Engineering Company as a factory rep, from which point John continued to grow the business over the years. His commitment to quality, integrity and service is still the foundation of Hydronic Agencies Ltd. today.

Ana Nunes,
Our Sales Account Manager, Ana has been part of the team since 2006 with involvement both in the office and out on the road. She is always available to answer any technical questions you may have by phone or email. Most recently, Ana has moved to Calgary and is now representing Hydronic Agencies for Southern Alberta. Ana’s passion for quality of service and her positive attitude are an asset to Hydronic’s team.

Bill White,
Our Edmonton technical sales representative, Bill is the newest addition to Hydronic Agencies Ltd. He has over 20 years of experience in the Plumbing and HVAC industry. He is continually developing and increasing his knowledge of hydronic heating systems to better serve our customers. Bill is always eager to offer his support and expertise to ensure our customers are well informed.

Regan Macdonald,
Our office manager, Regan has been part of the Hydronic Agencies team since 2012 with involvement in the everyday activities of the office. Regan also manages shipping and receiving for us. She is usually around to answer any questions you may have by phone or email and is dedicated to delivering the excellent customer service for which Hydronic Agencies Ltd. is known for.